class name Atelier Flora  The consultation of the  wedding is here !     
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Officially order, contact us anyway and would like a quote,At first ,Please send this form to fill out after printing.
I will turn and contact you.(There is not the inquiry form transmission with the official order.)
Date of application 20   .   .     (  )
Frigana   Customer's relationship
Name     Bride   ・  Bride-groom  ・ Agent
Bride birthday       ・    ・       Age (    ) Bride height              cm
TEL/Fax           -           -           Mobile phone         −         −
E-mai @    
Ceremony day   20   ・   ・   (  ) Ceremony hall name  
Start time         :     am Address of the ceremonial hall    
       :    pm
Your hope about a wedding flower
White dress Color dress
type of dress   type and color of dress
If there is hope about a bouquet, please fill it.
Hair ornament         hope  ・  unnecessary Hair ornament         hope  ・ unnecessary
About the toss bouquet    hope  ・ unnecessary       I will prepare the boutonniere.
Other demands 
Others Presentation bouquet for your parents                            Amount  Presentation  boutonniere for your parents                     Amount
 Reception desk flower and others 
Wedding flowrer total budget            about   \     
FAX  03-3965-2635
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