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 A wonderful bridal bouquet to you ♫

 A bouquet that's right for you !
 I will create a stylish wedding bouquet that is suited your hope and a budget.
 And the bouquet will bring out you individually.
Also,how about having the suitable hair ornaments for your hairstyle? 

 Introduction of fresh flower bouquets   Preserved bouqet is here 

  Cute round bouquets Regardless of the fashion, It's loved by everyone.
 R002 R003  R004 

 Variation of Round bouquets  Flowers and colors are variously
 R005   R006  R007    R008
 R010  R011  R012  R013

 Gentle Oval bouquet To For rides who like soft and gentle feeling bouquets.
OB001  OB002   OB003
Wide oval type Wide oval type Wide oval type

 Eternal longing,  A elegant image is good for wedding
Fall type bouquets 
F001 F002 F003
Cascade type Fall type Fall type
          Variation of fall bouquets
   F004 F005
Fall type Fall type

  Stylish design bouquets  1

 Bag style The bag made of flowers is cute.
B001 B002 B003
Bag type   Bag type  Bag type 
 Basket type ・ Bucket type Decorated flowers type
 B004   B005 
   Hair ornament 花のバッケト型 
Basket type    Bucket type 

  Stylish design bouquets    

  Bouqutets of various designs  You can produce individually, for color wedding dress.   
    D004   D005    D006 
  Hanging type Two point type   Two point type
D007   D008 D009 
Ring type Cone type Tear drop type

 Stylish design bouquets   3

  Bouqutets of various designs For Various design dresses
 D010 D011  D012 
Melia type Crescent type Crescent type
D013 D014 D015
Ball type Cluster type Bouquet type 

 Introduction of preserved bouquets

 It is made from the preserved flower of fashion now.  
 Prezerved flower which are processed from the raw flowers ,while keeping luxury and textures of the flesh flowers and it is
 characterized by color and potential storage that flesh flower has not.
Moreover, can be made various types ,by the feature that water is unnecessary and light. 
 It is the bset also for the wedding of summer,early preparations and leave as a memory.

 Cute round bouquets

  White bouquets It's loved by everyone.
 PR001  PR002  PR003
  Colorful bouquets
It's loved by everyone. 
PCR001 PCR002 PCR003

 Noble Fall bouquets

 PF001   PF002     
 プリザーブ フォールブーケ 1  プリザーブド フォールブーケ 2  緑を多く使用 華やかに

 Fashionable Bag style bouquets

PD001 PD002 PD003

 Stylish design bouquets (Reference example)

 Cluster type    Round type  Round type Cluster type
 Ring type                CordDroop type      
     Ball type    
Fall type
   Bucket type       

 Wedding small articles 

Match up Hair ornament with Hairstile.
 1 Point type and parts  Corsage type   Corsage type Coronet type

  Ring pillow (cushion )  put into the heart shape case.

 For Guest tables.

    Tabletop flowers which become gifts.    Welcome board 

 These are the reference example. I'll design it your favorite flowers,colors ,and shapes.
 The prices is varied according to a design , flower material, and a season.
 First of all, please consult !
 In order to make the thing which is good to a dress and personality and your hope,
 Please make a reservation within 4 weeks before the ceremony.
The step of the order
A wedding date / Decision of the dresss decision
Consultaison and Meeting
The style of the wedding / The design of dress
A hope design  (type/color/size and flower,etc.)
Order / Orderingbook
Send or Takeout
>> First of all, the consultation
>> Inquiry
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