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  This Month's lesson 

  Short Plants-1 Pretty plants are arranged in a natural style.
Short Plants-2 Designed formatively.
Short plants style display

 This month's Displays - 1    
Collaboration with Spring flowers and different materials
The possibilities of flower design spred.

 This Month's Displays - 2     

What is Easter ?
 We celebrate the next Sunday of the full moon of the vernal equinox.
 The event thaat pleases the coming of Spring.
 Easter of Christ.  Eggs.Child rabits, and Chicks have meaning what new things will be born.
   Early spring flowers and Bird's nest.

  Herbarium 1day lesson      

 Experience Herbarium   You'll be able to create favorite various flower materials.
   Please have a cute original only for yourself.

Herbarium  It means the Plants Specimen. By locking dried and in dedicated oils in a glass bottle,
  so you can enjoy it longer than fresh flwers/
  They have sense of transparence and shining sparkling are very beautiful.
  For interior goods and gift !      
    Materials   Slim glass bottles large . small
    Dried flowers,Preserved flowers
     Mineral oil (dedicated)
 Other notes   . The state of the flower material usually keeps about 1 year from 6months,but it deoends on the type of flowers and manufacturer.

  Date Every month 1st and 3rd Tuesday,Thursday,Saturday 13:00 - 14:30 (about 1,5hours)
Content   Works Slim glass bottles large and small
cost   \4,500  ( All )
No entry fee required
Required item  Takeaway bag  
  * Please consult when you wish to add the number of bottles.
   Application can be made by e-mail or telephone one week before the desired date

  Example works  

  The image changes with various
 flowers to use.
Please choose your favorite flowers ! 

Set - Large and Small        example works  
 Size  Size
 L Φ 4,5cm h 21.5cm 200ml L Φ 4,5cm h 21.5cm 200ml
 S Φ 4,5cm h 13cm  100ml S Φ 4,5cm h 13cm  100m
Materials  materials
Eucalyptus ・ Daisy ・ Frenchbeige
 Orange ,Apples (Dryed) 
Bottan flowers,Hydrangea   Leaves,Hydrangea
 Baby's breath  Baby's breath
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