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  This Month's lesson 

  Using pine tree "Wakamatu
 Using pine tree "Daiousyo
 Using pine tree "Nebikimatu

 This month's Displays - 1  

  The image of New Year
   From classroom lesson 

  Herbarium 1day lesson      

 Experience Herbarium   You'll be able to create favorite various flower materials.
   Please have a cute original only for yourself.

Herbarium  It means the Plants Specimen. By locking dried and in dedicated oils in a glass bottle,
  so you can enjoy it longer than fresh flwers/
  They have sense of transparence and shining sparkling are very beautiful.
  For interior goods and gift !      
    Materials   Slim glass bottles large . small
    Dried flowers,Preserved flowers
     Mineral oil (dedicated)
 Other notes   . The state of the flower material usually keeps about 1 year from 6months,but it deoends on the type of flowers and manufacturer.

  Date Every month 1st and 3rd Tuesday,Thursday,Saturday 13:00 - 14:30 (about 1,5hours)
Content   Works Slim glass bottles large and small
cost   \4,500  ( All )
No entry fee required
Required item  Takeaway bag  
  * Please consult when you wish to add the number of bottles.
   Application can be made by e-mail or telephone one week before the desired date

  Example works  

  The image changes with various
 flowers to use.
Please choose your favorite flowers ! 

Set - Large and Small        example works  
 Size  Size
 L Φ 4,5cm h 21.5cm 200ml L Φ 4,5cm h 21.5cm 200ml
 S Φ 4,5cm h 13cm  100ml S Φ 4,5cm h 13cm  100m
Materials  materials
Eucalyptus ・ Daisy ・ Frenchbeige
 Orange ,Apples (Dryed) 
Bottan flowers,Hydrangea   Leaves,Hydrangea
 Baby's breath  Baby's breath
   >> Application for the trial 


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