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Akabane Station classroom Koyama Flowershop 2F classroom   JR Akabane St. South Exit 1 minute on foot
Akabane-minami 1-4-7, Kita-ku, Tokyo 115-0044 TEL 03-3901-0128
This shop is famous for the price and quality at kitaword in Tokyo .
The big signboard "Flower" is noticeable..
You can take a lesson with favorite flowers that you choose on yourself at 1F of the shop.

  Koyama Fower Shop    ( JR Akabane Station near by)    
Flower Shop Koyamahanaten In the shop
Map of the classroom

Classroom Guidance    
7 times/month  1st ,Tues.Thurs.Sat.  pm 1:00 〜 6:00 
Free time system
Reservation system
(Transfer is possible)
 3st ,Tues.Thurs.Sat.
* Saturday Lessons ,Flower lesson and Flower Candle lesson will be done at the same time.

Cours guidance
  Admission Any time  Admission fee  \5,000   All courses (Group,Enjoy are free
 ( All courses )

 Fresh flower  

  Course  Contents Cost 
Flower cost included
Qualification Insutructor
Flower arrangement instructor license can be obtained.
You can get the qualification of Nomi Niizuma Royal Flower School that is three major flower school in Japan and you will be able to open an authorized classroom.
Arrangement,Bouquet,Weddingbouquet, Arrangement of the season, and others.
Beginner ♦ Intermediate ♦ Advanced ♦ Lecturer  
 To the person who wants to be active as coordinattor and florist.
 Arrangement, Bouquet, Wedding bouquet and decoration, Gift, Display,and others.
Basic ♦ Advanced ♦ Graduate
Hobby  Petit-flower 
This is a course to enjoy the flower in life.
 For the person who wants to begin flower arrangement easily.
 Arrangement,Bouquet, Arrangement of the season, and others.
If you want to get the license in a short time, it 's possible to have lessons mora than 3times in amonth.   
  With any course, when the rest of one month, will cost \ 500 - as adjournmen  
 If it's within same month, please use the transfer lesson . >> Question Application 

  A benefit!     To the person who want to learn Fresh ,and any preserved one ,
  You will be able to have preserved lesson on a hope month.
  (People of Qualification and Hobby course enrolled).


Personal Preserved  How about making a little arramngemant with preserved,dry,and artificial flower?
   Preserved flowers ?    It's madeof flesh flwers.  
     It's is drawn color , is sucked dye and preserverd liquidfor keeping.
    We can enjoy the softness and texture for a long time,and can make unusual color which is not in flesh flowers.

  Course Contents Cost
Qualification Insutructor
Preserved flower art skill authorization corse
If you will get insutructr olicense of preserved flower, 
You will be able to teach it, and open the classroom an authorized school.
How to use flower,Wiring,Taping,Composition,It's will be having lesson along with Set curriculum.
Material costs 
Hobby  Petit-preserved
We'll lesson basic knowledge of preservd flowers and how to use it.
We'll be able to enjoy lessons along with theme.
 First -
Please Refer to Following Table
\4,500 /1time
Flower cost included 

Qualification course
When one month absent, you must to pay \ 500 - as adjourment cost.   >> Question  Application

Hobby Course   Schedule   
Month  Theme  Month  Theme
January Saint Valentine's Day July Full flowers in a cute chair
February Ohinasama August Memories of Summer hat
March Easter September Roses of Autumn color
April Flower cakes October Happy Halloween or Wall decoration
May Refreshly with Green and White November Christmas with a candle
June Decorating flame of flowers December  New Year's Day
      Contents,flower materials,and orders may change. 
Hobby  Petit-preserved course
When one month absent, you must to pay \ 2,500 - as material costs and adjourment.
  It's possible to transfer a lesson in the next month. The case is \500 only.
You can progress to the second course after 12unit.  >> Question  Application
In the second course, flower cost varies by the contents.   


At the classroom  How about doing a happy lesson with friends ?  

Classroom Koyama Flowershop 2F Akabane classroom   3 persons 〜
Curriculum   Times Once  〜 Nnumber of time sof hope ・  or 6 Month or 1 year corse
 Courses Fresh flower  ・ Preserved  ・ Fresh flower and Prezervd
 Contents Arrangement of season ,Wreath, Bouquet, Frame, etc, on the thing of hope. I'll consult it.
Cost The consultation by the budget and curriculum content. ( Admission fee free. )

 At the place of your hope Event of the area or the company, or Group.   

Appointed place The place of your hope   5 persons 〜
Curriculum    Times  Once  〜 hope number of times ・  or 6 Month or 1 year corse
 Courses  Fresh flower  ・ Preserved  ・ Fresh flower and Prezervd
 Contents Arrangement of season ,Wreath, Bouquet, Frame, etc, on the thing of hope. I'll consult it.
Cost The consultation by the budget and curriculum content.  ( Admission fee free. )
Prease ask for the details >> Question Application  


   Enjoy course
  Second ! Start

It's a Special New course !!    Short term number of times -limited course  
For the person that want to learn flower arrangement little.
 It's recommended for the person who wants to make the work fashionable and easy.  
The cost is low-priced. Together with your friend or alone.  Welcome the first one !  

 Date  Every Month 1st ,Tues.Thurs.Sat  13:30−15:00 Reservation system (Transfer is possible)
Cost All \10,000 (Flower cost & tax included) (3times) Admission fee free
  Pay collctively in the first time , please..  
Contents It's possible to change fresh flower and Preserved flower.  
Cf. following table.          (Instance) October is fresh,November is preserved ( Reservation required
Bring products Stationary,Takeawy bag
 By 7days before when an application is an attendance request ( Transfer )

    Fresh flowers 3 times coures Preserved flowers 3 times coures
January New sprng arrangement
For January Valentine Sweet arrangements
February Ohinasama With a brown basket. Ohinasama With a black vase.
March Easter Adding birs ornaments. Easter With a little basket.

to be continued
  Prease, ask for the details    >> Question  Application   
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