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  Flore is meaning called the goddes of the flowers in Roman mythology
    Royal Flower School main office Professor
  Atelier Flora    Leader   Yasuko Miyamura
Other qualifications   Flower coordinator instructor Elegant hobby instructor
  Preserved flower instructor Flower candle artist
  Cut flower adviser meister  Flower wrapping instructor
  Green adviser HANA sommelier
  Herb & edible flower meistr  Color coordinator

Published works lecturer
2010 Exhibition demonstration strike ration
Joint work with Yurie Isigaki

                     >> Details
Work "Blessed Rain " < Blessed rain >
We make container that put several kinds of leaves. It is expressrd that rain pours down gently the vegetables and fruits.    
Green peppers, Artichokes, Grapes, Tillandia, Varios leaves,and others.
2010 Textbook "FLOWER DESIGN TEXT " " The Textbook which Understands A Design "

Four Seasons Press Co.,Ltd

Text for Canon 

           >> Details
Work 『 Object Prayer』 < Object >
The theme "Prayer"
The scene for which it quietly prays
is imaged. 
The object that the candlebase of the light is made.
Lily, Croton, Transvaal daisy,Apple, Lemon,
Mokara, Others
2010 Monthly magazine 『 FLORIST 』  " FLORIST "


Issue publishing in 2010-March

         >> Details
Work 『Bird Fountain』 < Birds Fountain >
a watering place for birds
In the ligt, sparkling and dripping water,
Fontain is expressed with beads, slver wires, varios green plants. 
Equisetum, Spiderplant, Green annabelle,
Glolyliliy,Greennecklace,AppleWandplant,Lemon leaf, others
2010 Textbook' Basic Arrangement' "Naomi Niizuma Basic Arrangement"

Four Seasons Press Co.,Ltd

The New Textbook
Works 'Arrangement  Horizontal Line Style' < Horizontal Line Style >
The line that flows aside is refreshingly.
Is made it to vary by changing the length of the left and right.
Den phal, Blue star, Gentian, Green apple, Vine, others.

Sodo Publishing Co., Ltd

Work 『Bouquet of Nuts』 < Happy gift of Autumn >
Bouquet of Nuts
Bouquet is made with varios nuts,add the postcard
Branch of colored leaves,others.
2004 Textbook 『 From Idea to Design 』 " Flower ! From Idea To Design "

Four Seasons Press Co.,Ltd
From the exhibition
Work 『Metal and Flower』 < The Display that structure is interesting >
Harmoney of Metal and Flowers
It is made use of inorganic feelig of the
metal and reflection,
In the color of monotone, look like the mood of urban.
Rose(preserved), Ivy, Wandplant,AIrplants,
Vine others.,
2002 Textbook 『 Introduction of Flower Arrangement』 " Primer flower arangement "

       for beginners

The color is a theme.
Work 『Arangement with a combination of color tones』 < In  Soft * Dull * Dark tone >
Useing the container of a classic silver.  
The roses are expressed to tone chic.
Rose, Berzelia, Laurustinus, others
Work 『Arangement with a combination of color tones』 < In Pale * Deep tone
It is colorfully gentle in the color of the flower.
It is used for a title of this HP als
Rose, Japanese plum, Rikyusou, scabious,
2002 In Tokyu kichijoji Exhibition

The theme is " Tulip ".
Work 『 Exhibition Tulips』  〈 Gorgeously with tulips 〉
With many kinds of tulips

Description of the gradation of the colors
Various tulips, Hydrangea,Leaves
1998 Flower arrangement tytle  『Mai』 Flower Arrangement " MAI "

Mainiti Newspaper Company

From 4 Textbooks
work 『Bow Shape Bouquet』 〈 Bow shape style bouquet〉
Bow shape style that bridal couple hold
Image of the wedding in the forest
Using a lot of greens naturally
Shrimp-plant, Blue fantasy, Ivy, Berzelia,
Kangaroo paw, and other leaves

Contact Instructor 208-22-9, Ukima 2chome, Kita-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 115-0051
 TEL(FAX)  03-3965-2635 E-mail
   Royal Flower School main office Professor  Yasuko Miyamura  

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